Disconnect VPN Review

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Using any VPN, you can hide or change your IP address, as well as bypass various blocked content, and hide your traffic. Using this VPN along with other services will allow you to maintain anonymity while working on the web. If you’re concerned about someone who monitors your Internet actions and gathers your personal information, learn the detailed description on Disconnect VPN below. Find out if this service will be reliable for you and protect your data from others. 

Security features

Disconnect VPN blocks all malicious advertising that can be created to track what you do on the Internet. It is an important thing that this program doesn’t gather any information about you like your IP address. In this case, it will ask for your login and e-mail address only to contact you. This service will never give your personal details or permit someone to collect it using different methods. If you ask for your data to remove completely, it will meet your needs for 30 days according to its Privacy Policy.


The Disconnect VPN has quite a clear and simple interface the service of which doesn’t stand out from the competition. It contains just a little and necessary information allowing even beginners to understand it with ease. The central console shows where the server is located at the moment and the trackers blocked throughout your activities. Moreover, the on/off switch is on the upper right side, therefore, you will be always aware of your VPN being active. Get access to the settings by clicking on the Cog icon in the upper left corner of the screen. 

Disconnect VPN disadvantages

Despite the small list of advantages, Disconnect VPN has many disadvantages. They include the following features:

  • Availability of servers in the UK, USA, and Japan only. 
  • Located in the USA. Internet traffic is monitored very carefully in this country. Besides, it becomes easier for services like Netflix to track IP addresses and add them to their blacklists.
  • No significant settings. 
  • Low-quality connection. 
  • Lack of DNS leak protection.
  • No emergency disconnection function.
  • Non-anonymous payment methods.
  • Not suitable for P2P.
  • No direct communication. Contact its support team only via e-mail. But you can find answers to any of your questions about working with the service in its FAQ section.


Although Disconnect VPN is not a bad service, you can buy more quality VPNs at a reasonable price. There is a lack of servers and functions, so there are more advanced programs with more interesting offers. Probably, the Disconnect VPN services are good value for money but are they comparable with the offers of the best VPNs in the world? For example, NordVPN offers more excellent VPN features at quite affordable monthly fees.

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