What is Avast antivirus remediation.exe?

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We never treat cybersecurity seriously until we find out what happens if we lack it. Do you catch our drift? We’re talking about that creepy feeling when you realize someone has stolen your passwords and gained access to private information.

You never know when someone breaches your walls, so it’s a great idea to keep them guarded at all times. And that’s where antivirus software comes in handy. It shields your system from all sorts of cyberattacks, even when you forget about security. And one of the most common antivirus programs out there is Avast.

If you’re running it on your PC, you may have come across Avast Remediation.exe. Coming across this process, some users what it does and whether it’s a threat to their systems. Let’s find out what Avast antivirus Remediation exe is and how to disable it on Windows 10.

What’s Avast Remediation?

As mentioned above, it’s a process that comes together with the antivirus. Typically, it’s completely invisible to the user and doesn’t cause any problems, but sometimes you may get annoying banner ads, pop-ups, slow performance, and other issues that could turn you into a nervous wreck. The main function of the process is to keep an eye on the antivirus and take actions if an error occurs. Apart from that, Remediation.exe acts as a middle-man between Avast and your operation system.

The first signs of the process getting broken are constant pop-ups and never-ending banners all around your screen. In this case, you should consider ending the process.

How to Remove Avast Remediation.exe?

If you’re dealing with a virus masking itself as Remediation.exe, the best solution would be to download another antivirus and scan your system:

  • Get an antivirus for your Windows PC.
  • Install and launch it.
  • Usually, anti-malware software has several scan modes: quick, deep, and custom. It’s better to choose the deep scan option. The tool will then begin sorting through your files.
  • Have a break while the program does its job. If Remediation.exe turns out to be a virus, your Avast software is compromised, meaning that you may also find a couple more previously undetected viruses.
  • Get rid of all threats found by the antivirus and reinstall Avast.

How to manually remove Remediation.exe

  • You can also use Windows Task Manager to disable the process:
  • Click RMB on the taskbar, then on Task Manager. In the opened window, find Avast Remediation.exe.
  • Click RMB on it and select “Open file location”. It should be within Avast files.
  • Once you have the location, take a look at its properties and see if it has anything to do with Avast. After that, you can remove it from Windows Task Manager.

That’s basically everything you should know about Remediation.exe to tell if it’s a legit process or a virus.

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