The Astrill VPN service has more than enough on offer for its users. The service goes beyond personal VPN service offering to include business VPN service. The service is simply meant for everyone with its offer of OpenWEB, OpenVPN and Layer2 VPN. Using the service, you should not have any problem accessing websites in such countries as China and the United Arab Emirates with ease. Astrill also have about 80 VPN servers spread across different countries and cities around the world to power its service.

Astrill is a company based in Australia, but with its VPN servers distributed all over the world. The VPN service has its OpenWEB VPN servers located in nine countries around the world. The countries where these servers are located include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland and Portugal. Of these countries, the United States boasts 10 servers located in Los Angeles, Seattle, Irvine, Chicago, Scranton, and Portland. The United Kingdom has three servers. Overall, Astrill has VPN servers in about 44 countries around the world. With all these servers to facilitate all your activities online, there is no need whatsoever to worry about the safety of your personal information when online because hackers will have a hard time trying to retrieve your private details.

The speed of the VPN service offered by Astrill is good enough and compares relatively as good as that which you can enjoy from some other providers in the VPN market. On the basis of a connection boasting upload and download of 15MBs, download speed recorded on Astrill was 2.27 Mbps while a speed of 1.49 Mbps was recorded for upload. In summary, there are some other players in the market that offers faster connection than the one from Astrill, but there are also providers who offer worse.

The fact that Astrill uses a plug and play application makes the set up of the service pure pleasure with no difficulty at all. You will only need to download the needed application and run it to start using the service. It should be noted, however, that all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and so on) need to be exited before installing the Astrill application. The Astrill 2.2 Build 1820 application also has some additional interesting features such as Smart Mode and Browser Selection. The Smart Mode works in such a way to make your web surfing faster under different circumstances while the Browser Selection feature allows you to specify which web browser to use with Astrill, if you have more than one browser on your computer.

The pricing plans offered by Astrill are also divided into Personal VPN Plan and Business VPN Plan. The personal plan is presented on 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months basis; otherwise referred to as Package 3, Package 6, or Package 12 respectively. The business plans come in form of small, medium, or enterprise packages. For the personal plan, Package 3 goes for $24.95 (approximately $8.65 a month); Package 6 is $39.95 (works out to about $6.65 a month) and Package 12 is available for $69.95 (about $5.50 for one month). For the business plan, Small Plan attracts a payment of $1200 a year; Medium Plan goes for $5,000 a year and the Enterprise Plan goes for $20,000 a year.

Astrill accepts for payment Credit Card, AlertPay, CashU and Liberty Reserve. There is also a 7-day money back guarantee.

It is a fact that Astrill offers a great product, but the price is somewhat on the high side.