Cryptocloud is one of the top quality VPN service providers that your money can get you in the market. The service protects all your activities on the internet and it also shields your identity from all unscrupulous characters that may be seeking for ways to misuse them. On offer from this VPN service is the secure open access, and Cryptocloud also allow the use of PSP programs without logging any of your online traffic details.

VPN servers are located in about six countries. The countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Japan. Cryptocloud VPN service supports both PPTP and OpenVPN protocols; it also uses dynamic and shared IPs. The speed offered is a little slower than what is obtainable on a regular internet connection, but that is to be expected when using VPN services. In spite of that fact, users are also still capable of uploading and downloading files without any fuss. Comparing the speed from Cryptocloud with those that users can get from some other providers, there is a small speed problem with the VPN servers. The speed can, however, get faster when users move closer to a server. Besides, users can always talk to a representative from the Cryptocloud VPN service should the speed become unbearably slow.

The Cryptocloud software is all you need to get going with this service and the set up is very simple. You simply download and install the software. Every time you need to go online, just run the installed software and you are on. When there is a downtime or connection delay, Cryptocloud does not stop protecting your online activities. The service is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux operating system. Android devices and Apple mobile devices running iOS are also supported.

The pricing plans on offer from Cryptocloud are structured based on the length of time you intend making use of the service. The price charged are based on how many months a user wishes to activate a plan. The plans are:

One-month Plan: $19.95
Three-month Plan: $49.95
Six-month Plan: $99.95
One-year Plan: $179.95

Of the four plans, the 1-year plan offers more value for money for someone planning to use the service for at least a year. There is a 7-day free trial in place for new users to test the VPN service and have a feel of how effective it is before purchasing a package. The free trial is actually a money back guarantee. Users purchasing plans that last for a very long time also stand to enjoy certain discounts. Cryptocloud has many payment options like PayPal, Western Union, Liberty Reserve, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to mention a few.

The Cryptocloud software is well-designed for great service of protecting all your activities online from all prying eyes. In addition to providing an effective protection, navigation on the software is also easy. The service, however, needs to increase the number of VPN servers that it currently has. The best way to enjoy the fastest connection is if you move close to the server in use.