CyberGhost VPN

Every time you visit a website, there are high chances that such a website may take some of your information without you being aware that such a thing is going on. And because these information left behind on such websites can used in ways you are likely not going to relish, CyberGhost comes to the rescue. This VPN service takes away all worries about your safety when online and allows you to access with ease websites that you will ordinarily not be able to use.

The thing here is that CyberGhost VPN server locations are restricted to just Germany, which may be an issue for users not resident in that country. That fact also complicates data encryption because it makes interception of your personal information more possible. CyberGhost supports OpenVPN protocol, and allows the use of a number of popular web browsers. Among the browsers supported by this service are: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. You can use the CyberGhost program on Windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7), and messaging services such as Skype, ICQ and MSN Messenger are supported. To enjoy the fastest speed level on this VPN service, it is best for the user to be living in Germany. This is because of the fact that the servers are all located in the country, as earlier pointed out. Consequently, the closer a user is to Germany the better the speed of connection. The upload and download speeds on the service is somehow slow compare to regular internet connection.

Setting up the service requires a new user to download the needed program presented in zip file format. Once you have downloaded the VPN client, unzip the file and install; the .NET framework must be installed on your computer to set up the service. After installing the program, just get your CyberGhost login details to gain access to the VPN service. There may be need to verify that your IP address has been changed to a German alternative before exiting the client.

The pricing plans on offer from CyberGhost VPN service are tailored out in such a fashion that would not be considered too costly. The packages are divided into Classic VPN, Premium VPN and Premium Plus VPN plans. The Classic VPN plan goes for 4.17 Euros; Premium VPN account is available for 6.67 Euros, and you can enjoy the Premium Plus VPN plan just for the payment of 9.92 Euros. CyberGhost also has a free VPN plan on offer under which you get a free bandwidth allowance of 1GB to check out the service before purchasing another plan with much higher bandwidth allowance.

Overall, this program is great bargain mostly for users in Germany and it features are pretty easy to use. The downside to the VPN service offered by CyberGhost is the fact that it does not have servers outside Germany; something that makes the program less competitive in the global VPN market. Even users in Germany that usually travel around the world a lot, may find this service not good enough for their connection needs.