This is a personal VPN service provider with servers distributed in different countries of the world offering such technologies as PPTP, OpenVPN (SSL VPN) and L2TP/IPSec. ExpressVPN’s global network of servers coupled with the many major protocols supported makes it a great service. While providing users with top quality solution, the service also gives its new users money back guarantee.

ExpressVPN servers can be found in such countries as the United States, England, Germany, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Servers for the various protocols supported by the service can found in different places around the world. Washington DC, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Amsterdam are some of the places where ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN servers are located. The PPTP protocol servers are located in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany and the Netherlands. The speed of connection from ExpressVPN compares well with other providers in the market. The speed recorded on the service varies slightly by the type of protocol in use. From speed tests conducted, upload speed was about 2.58 Mbps while download speed was 21.19 Mbps; for OpenVPN protocol, upload speed was 4.50 Mbps and 15 Mbps for download, and an upload speed of 2.65 Mbps and download speed of 21.40 Mbps was recorded for the L2TP/IPSec protocol.

Setting up the ExpressVPN service requires an installer for that purpose. New users will be given the link for downloading the installer in the welcome email message from the service. Installing the program should not give you any problem at all as the wizard will show you the way through the whole installation process. Once you are through with the installation, you should find an ExpressVPN icon placed on the desktop of your computer. Every time you need to make a VPN connection, just click on the icon, select the appropriate connection server and click Connect to start your safe browsing online.

ExpressVPN offers its users access to unlimited VPN and the prices charged are based on the duration of each plan selected. The packages are presented in monthly, half-yearly (6 months) and yearly formats. The one-month plan is available for $12.95; the 6-month plan for $65.95 and the one-year plan attracts a payment of $119.95. Each of these pricing plans allows connection via OpenVPN SSL, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec protocols. ExpressVPN also gives a 30-day money back guarantee to its users.

The handsome discounts on offer from ExpressVPN make it a very competitive VPN service, and that fact is supported by the program’s ease of use. The connection speed available to users on the service also makes this service good enough for your needs on the Internet. In addition, ExpressVPN software can be installed on Windows as well as Mac operating systems without any problem at all. There should not be any issues with installation and connection but, if you do experience any, you may want to check network and firewall settings to rectify connection problems.

The 30-day money back guarantee from ExpressVPN makes this service all the more interesting, because that allows you to avoid making any commitment should the service turn out not good enough for you so that you can take your business elsewhere.