Identity Cloaker

Identity Cloaker is an anonymous web surfing program, whose only primary concern is to ensure that you are completely nonexistent, so to say, to prying eyes whenever you are making use of it to access the Internet. This software completely guards your identity and privacy online from the unscrupulous eyes of those who might be interested in stealing your private information in order to misuse it. With data encryption in place, you need not worry about the possibility of some malevolent characters getting hold of your important data while in transit online.

Identity Cloaker has servers in about 11 countries of the world to power your online activities in a safe environment. The 18 different servers on offer from this program for your online security can be found in such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Sweden. There are also servers located in the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland and Poland. The speed of connection available when using Identity Cloaker is very impressive, when it is compared to that which you can get using some other rival programs. Experiencing a long lag time in connection is a rare phenomenon with this program. What you get from Identity Cloaker are fast upload and download speeds, but the level of speed will be determined by how close you are to one of the servers. That is, the speed of your connection using this program is a function of your nearness to one of the VPN servers.

The set up of Identity Cloaker follows a very easy procedure that will take you just about a minute, and there is no need for administrator privileges to do the set up. The software can be installed on Microsoft Windows operating system (7, Vista, XP and 2000). There have, however, been users who claimed to have successfully installed the program on Macintosh and Linux platforms. But since the program was designed with the Windows users in mind, its best performance should be expected on that platform.

Just download the software, click on it and follow all the instruction for configuration of the program to get you connected. From there, you get connected to the closest server for secure browsing with all unnecessary worries about the possibility of identity theft online removed. All your traffic will be channeled via a tunnel with your IP address and other personal information hidden. You can also carry the program with you on a USB for use anywhere when occasion for it arises in places like hotels, offices, internet cafes and so on. When you start up Identity Cloaker, you will see the list of available proxy servers with their response time listed next to each of them. That way, you get to know the fastest server to use.

Here is how prices for using Identity Cloaker are laid out:

10-day trial of the service: $7.11
Subscription for a month: $18.55
Subscription for 3 months: $42.86
Subscription for 6 months: $71.46
Subscription for 12 months: $114.36

Payments can be made for any of these pricing plans through PayPal or credit card.

Looking at the pricing plans for Identity Cloaker, one will realize that there are cheaper options in the market. The program is less competitive due to the fact that it was not designed with Mac and Linux operating users in mind. But that is not enough to write off the quality service on offer from Identity Cloaker. The program allows you unhindered access to websites in different countries of the world in a secure environment.