Intl-alliance is another web anonymity service that can be used to protect your online privacy. The service has Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers in different countries to allow many users from all around the world to make us of its service. service is more appropriate for those users that have restrictions placed on their ability to access certain websites on the Internet. It allows you go online and do everything you needed done without you being afraid of anyone interfering in your activities on the Internet.

The amount of VPN servers that users can have access to on is very impressive with the figure put at 163. These servers are mostly located in the western part of the world. Some of these servers can be found in such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and in some European countries. is also working on adding more servers’ locations around the world. Suriname, Bosnia and Samoa are some of the countries that have just recently been added to the list of server locations available on the service. Major VPN protocols such as PPTP, SSTP, SSL and L2TP/IPSec are all supported by The SSTP VPN servers are available in all countries, but it works only on Windows 7 platform for now. The upload and download speeds that you can access on this VPN service are similar to what you can get from some other major VPN players in the market.

When setting up the service for use, the procedure for connection is different among the supported protocols., however, has detailed instructions for each protocol and there are also video instructions on the service’s website on how to set up the VPN connection on different types of operating system. If you get to experience any issue with configuration, you can always contact the customer support.

The nations where servers in use are located play important role in the way the pricing plans are laid out. Access to the service is billed on monthly basis, and includes PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec connections. For users making use of the United States servers, the pricing plans are structured as follow:

Subscription for one month: $19.95
Subscription for three months: $49.95
Subscription for six months: $79.95
Subscription for twelve months: $109.99

Data encryption varies between 128-bit and 256-bit depending on the services users subscribe to, and also offers military personnel and non-profit organizations free access to IAPS Networks.

On offer from is one of the safest and secure services in the market. The number of servers available on the service makes it a very competitive VPN service in the market. has the corporate bodies in mind with the quality of services offered, but that is not to say that individual cannot make use of this great service. It is also provides great customer support and has a blog for keeping customers informed about new offers and other information on regular basis. Users may, however, find prices charged to be somewhat on the high side; that is why might be more appropriate for businesses.