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IPFreely Proxies is a service that provides its users with elite proxies that are not shared in the United States, which can be used to carry out only legal activities on the internet. A number of servers are allowed to be used on this service that offers HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, but not SOCKS.

As pointed out earlier, the proxies on offer from IPFreely Proxies are all based in the United States. The proxies on offer from this service are not shared proxies because according to IPFreely Proxies, “shared proxies are like using the rubbish bin leftover food scraps.” Indeed proxies that are not shared are best options because they ensure your online safety so that you do not have to start nursing fears about your online security. What most people fail to realize is that the free, shared proxies that they find online are very unsafe when it comes to conducting important activities online; there are some dubious characters who sometimes put these free proxies out there only with the aim of taking advantage of the users of these proxies.

IPFreely Proxies does not support SOCKS proxies. The service only supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, so it will make great sense to take note of that fact, especially because of the types of applications you may be planning to use on these proxies. The reason for this being that there are some applications out there made to be used only on SOCKS proxy servers. IPFreely Proxies does not support the use of Port 25 on any of its servers. The service also states that it does not sell proxies to be used for emailing purpose and that its proxies cannot be used for posting on Craigslist as well as on other services that may be interested in geolocation for the use of its services. The proxies on offer from IPFreely Proxies can, however, be used to access such sites as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Scrapebox. The use of Xrumer is not allowed on this service’s proxy servers and any customer found to have used it will have their account suspended without refund.

Proxies provided are quality ones that ensure fast speed when used for accessing websites. There are non-sequential IP addresses and Fresh IP is assigned to a user’s account on monthly basis if such a user expresses any interest in it. According to IPFreely Proxies, many web browsers in the market can be used with the proxies, and there are no ads as well as delays, which are the usual phenomenon to be expected when using free proxies alternative. Subscription to multiple IP subnets is allowed if you so desire.

Numbers of proxies bought and web mailing limits are the factors that determine the price to be paid when subscribing to IPFreely Proxies services. To use the service, the minimum number of servers that a new user must pay for is 10, which is charged at $23 a month. The maximum number of proxy servers that can be bought from IPFreely Proxies is 400, which goes for $625 a month. These prices are in Australian dollars. Payments for IPFreely Proxies services can be made using PayPal. There are no discounts or free trial on offer from this service.

IPFreely Proxies offers its users some great features that include allowing the use of webmail such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. Perhaps, as a check on spamming activities, there is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent in a day. The email sending limit may, however, be relaxed if you talk to the service. IPFreely has a ticket support in place to address issues that might come up. The service compares well with its rivals in the market. It must be noted that IPFreely Proxies has a very strict refund policy, so make sure you have fully understood the contents of its service description before subscribing.

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