iPredator is a VPN service provider, with base in Sweden, which allows you to have access to the internet with your peace of mind intact. The program was developed by The Pirate Bay with the aim of circumventing the IPRED Law introduced in Sweden. Using this service you do not need to worry at all about data being sent and the security of your personal information since encryption is in place to remove all threats to what you carry out online.

Sweden, Switzerland and Austria are places where iPredator servers are located. But once you have chosen a server to use in one of the countries, you cannot switch to another server in another country. Only the PPTP connection technology is supported by iPredator for now, but the service is still working on supporting more VPN protocols such as OpenVPN. The service can be used on Windows or Mac OS X operating system. Connection speed is best when you are in the proximity of one of the service’s VPN servers, and the farther you are from VPN servers located in Sweden, Switzerland and Austria, the slower your connection speed on the service becomes. Otherwise, connection lags are not common phenomenon with iPredator, but some issues may be experienced when downloading large files. So if you are the type of users who download large files a lot, you might want to check for VPN service providers with faster servers closer to the country where you live.

You will need a little bit of connection expertise when using iPredator because its method of set up is different from what is commonly obtainable from many VPN service providers. It is required of a user to be connected to the internet before activating iPredator service. You will also be required to fill necessary account information and do the entire important configuration to start browsing anonymously and securely on the web. There are different set up information for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The customer support of iPredator is not all that responsive, perhaps, because it is a low-cost VPN service; so, you need to be sure that you are capable of installing it with little or no need for assistance.

The price charged for using iPredator service is not expensive going by the average price that rules in the VPN market. The service makes up for the fact that it does not have extensive server locations by charging 15 Euros for three-month subscription, which works out to just 5 Euros a month. Remember that the pricing is for the less-secure PPTP connection on offer since OpenVPN protocol is not yet on board.

iPredator is best for users in those countries where its servers are located, because those are where you can have access to fastest speed. But as stated earlier, in terms of competitiveness, iPredator leaves much to be desired since only PPTP protocol is supported. The PPTP protocol is much less secure in comparison to OpenVPN, which has led to a fall in its popularity among users. iPredator also does not allow users the ability to choose the fastest server at a point in time.