BTGuard Review – Scam or for Real?

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BTGuard Review – Scam or for Real?

Using Torrents as Your All-Access Pass to Movies, Music, Games, and More?

(Important: Please don’t abuse this service to download stuff you’re not allowed to. Anonymization services should only be used for privacy purposes.)

If you answered “yes” to the above question, then chances are you started with a program like Napster, Limewire, and Kazaa. But then Hollywood and the record companies crashed the party, and made File-Sharing more trouble than it was worth.

Now with more users, faster broadband speeds, and unlimited potential, Torrents have quickly become the best way to share files. Hollywood and the record companies are now out for revenge, and they aren’t taking any prisoners! This time they plan to sue your pants off! And your Internet provider is helping them!

The Problem: With copyright holders after you, and now your ISP as well, it’s no longer safe to file-share without protection, no matter if your downloads are legal or illegal. But can you really ever be 100% protected?

The Solution:Services like allow you to download 100% anonymously, effectively blocking their ability to monitor you.

BTGuard Is The Real Deal!”


Unlike other services, BTGuard does not have a significant effect on downloading speeds, will never drop your connection, and won’t accidentally reveal your IP.

Get 100% Drop-Free, Secure BitTorrent Access

I’ve been using torrents for years now, and this is a service I wish had been around when I first started sharing files via BitTorrent. BTGuard has made file sharing easy again, and this time without legal threat. All it took was a few clicks!

You’re Leaving Yourself Open to Harassment from Your Internet Provider and Copyright Holders

Or Worse…

Because her teenage daughter downloaded some music, Lafky faced over $500,000 in penalties.”

The case of the Tammy Lafky, a 41-year-old sugar mill worker and single mother in Minnesota. Because her teenage daughter downloaded some music—an activity both mother and daughter believed to be legal—Lafky faced over $500,000 in penalties.”

I’ve downloaded thousands of torrents in my day, if they were ever going to catch on, they certainly would have done it by now!”

These are the famous last words of a torrent user who refused to cover their tracks. They never thought the “Copyright Mafia” would catch on.

If you think you’re too stealth to ever get caught, think again!

The companies that are after you have the resources and legal teams to make your life miserable. It’s not a question of if you’ll get caught, but rather, when you will get caught, no matter if you download files you’re allowed to or not.

BitTorrent users still run the risk of being sued by the RIAA, movie producers, and TV networks. If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect yourself, you could be the next defenseless victim in a court case against a multimillion dollar corporation.

“Hundreds Sued Every Month” – Learn How To Protect Yourself Instantly

  • Paying premium rates for broadband Internet, only to have your bandwidth limited?
  • Are you uncomfortable having your IP tracked, allowing groups like the RIAA to track your every move?
  • Want unlimited access to music, movies, TV, and more without risk of legal action?
  • Are you using public proxies that offer little to no protection?
  • Would you like to get encrypted download speeds up to 100 Mbit/s?

Fight Back Now for Your File-Sharing Freedom!
Download BTGuard and Protect Yourself Right Now


How Does It Work?

  1. Download the free software from
  2. Subscribe to the BTGuard service for $6.95 (Save up to 25% for a limited time).
  3. Install and configure BTGuard in One Click!
  4. Download/Upload Everything 100% Anonymously.


“The best thing about BTGuard is its fool-proof setup”

More Secure Than the VPN-Based Competition

I’ve tried many VPN based torrent privacy protectors, like Relakks and Ipredator, in the past. But the VPN method of cloaking your IP has many flaws.

Download speeds are noticeably slower with VPN, and it’s notorious for dropping your connection and revealing your IP address and thus your identity.
Plus, with VPN you may get your Paypal account blocked because you access it with another IP. With BTGuard, you never ever have to worry about that anymore.

Attention Current uTorrent Users: BTGuard is actually built based on the uTorrent client. Current uTorrent users will enjoy the exact same interface as their regular client, making things even easier for you.

The Verdict: is NOT a Scam.
Even endorses it!

BTGuard is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to download completely safe, without the risk of your Internet provider turning you in, and free from the “copyright mafia” and their legal threats.

BTGuard is the natural choice for casual users and hardcore downloaders alike, because in just a few seconds you can completely protect yourself from all the risks associated with downloading torrents.
It’s your right to download files without being wrongfully accused of doing something fishy, without being tracked!

Take the necessary steps to protect your self from legal action and public humiliation before it’s too late! If you aren’t already protected, you could be putting you, your family, and your money at risk.

Get Unlimited BTGuard BitTorrent Protection for a Month – Only $9.93 $6.95
Or Signup For a Longer Period and Save Up To 25%

Head over to, and grab a 25% discounted subscription for all BTGuard services. I don’t know how long this offer will be around, so check it out now, before it ends.







Here is our old article, for those who are curious:
Lock Your Identity Down with BTGuard

Thankfully there are folks out there looking to protect your freedom and your right to do as you please with your music, including your right to share it with your friends – like the good folks behind BTGuard, the latest innovation in privacy protection for bit torrent users. BTGuard works to mask your IP address from prying eyes and unsavory folks so that you can reclaim your anonymity again and they haven’t released their miracle product a minute too soon!

So what is BT Guard? It’s one of a handful of proxy services that’s been developed to help media lovers utilize their internet to the fullest again without having to worry about receiving word that they’re being sued for some ridiculous amount of money just for wanting to watch the latest internet movie. No more nagging worry in the back of your mind that this will be the time you get accused wrongly of doing anything illegal when you download legal stuff. No more wondering what the fat cats at the top of the food chain will do with your IP address if they happen to get a hold of it. Just ironclad security that you can trust to return your peace of mind!

How Does BTGuard Actually Work?

In its early days, BTGuard was very basic – just a bare-bones proxy service that required at least a little outside know-how in regards to such things, as you had to configure it yourself. However, today BTGuard is one of the biggest, most talked about, and most trusted services of its kind out there. It’s only continued to grow as lawsuits and other troubles stemming from file sharing activity become more common.

It’s based on a pre-configured version of uTorrent, so it’s easy to get yourself situated in the saddle and ready to go. It’s also pretty much ready to roll right out of the box! BTGuard reroutes and hides your IP address in order to hide it from anyone who may be lurking on your favorite torrent sites waiting to bust someone, so your anonymity is completely preserved.

BTGuard is also set up to work with the users’ own proxy if they so desire, so this service offers a flexible privacy protection as well. Basically any client that supports “Socks V5” proxies is supported. And did we mention that BT Guard comes with encryption tunnel software included? This should be great news for those who really are sticklers for quality when it comes to the most effective security measures!

But How Well Does BTGuard Work?

Users who have become BTGuard converts are marveling at its ease of use. Since it is based on a commonly used and widely understood program like uTorrent, it comes attached to almost zero learning curve. Even if you’re unfamiliar with uTorrent, BT Guard is so user-friendly and simple, even someone totally new to the idea will be able to catch on quickly.

It’s also every bit as efficient as it claims to be when it comes to masking IP addresses and allowing you to download all you want safely and effectively. This has even been tested and confirmed by such authorities on the subject as In the event your connection breaks or is compromised in any way, your data remains secure. Also, it’s up to you if you want to send data beyond just your downloads through the secure connection in order to take advantage of BTGuard privacy. It’s up to you!

The only real issues with this service are the fact that your download speeds will be marginally lower when you download through BTGuard. Also, there isn’t much available in the way of customer service and support in the event anything goes wrong. However, overall this is a pretty solid service with a great track record that many people trust and feel good about using.

How Can I Get BTGuard?

If you want to give BTGuard a whirl for yourself, you can tap into unlimited file sharing protection for just $6.95 a month. If you want to sign up for longer than that, then you’re eligible for up to 20% off of your purchase cost. Compared to other services that do the same thing, that’s really not a bad deal!

This is especially so when you compare the costs of a service like BT Guard against the potential costs of a lawsuit should you ever get sued for downloading freeware. Try it for yourself today and recapture the peace of mind you used to have! You deserve it.