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ProxyBonanzaProxys Of All Sorts, Including Private OnesInteresting For People Who Need Proxys For Professional Use, Not So Much For Regular UsersReview

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Squid Proxies Sells Different Kind Of Proxies.Review

IPFreely Proxies Several Kinds Of Proxy ServersMostly For Professional UsersReview

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Stealth Proxy For Professional Use, But No A Great Choice Of ServersReview

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Your Private ProxyProxys For Professional Use, But With Many RestrictionsReview

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Your Private Proxy

Proxys For Professional Use, But With Many Restrictions

Your Private Proxy is a useful proxy service that facilitates all your activities online while letting you remain anonymous at the same time. This is one wonderful tool for everyone, especially internet marketers. Your Private Proxy is compatible with HTTP protocol as well as HTTPs protocol while randomize IP addresses are available for subscriptions.

Your Private Proxy allows its users unlimited bandwidth with all unnecessary delays while surfing effectively dealt with. Since this is a paid proxy service, and a good one at that, you should not have any need to contend with ads that could make things you want to do online become boring. Your Private Proxy does not restrict access to certain files or images and there is no censorship issue using this service. Your IP addresses are not shared, and more than 100 MB connections can be handled. With Your Private Proxy, you do not have any problem of getting your IP banned by any sites like Google.

It is not to say that Your Private Proxy allows everything imaginable to be done on its service. Many websites and services cannot be used on this proxy service. Your Private Proxy cannot be used for Facebook, Xrumer, torrents downloading as well as any other things or activities considered fraudulent by the proxy service. The company’s terms of service will also be updated whenever occasion for changes arises.

The quantity of proxy servers that you intend buying from Your Private Proxy will determine how much you get to pay. The price for only one proxy server per month is $9.97, and the highest numbers of proxies that can be bought is 253, which goes for $499.97 a month working out to just about $2 a month for each of the proxy servers in the bundle. There are so many other pricing plans on offer to make your choice from, based on your proxy server need. There are no set up fees when subscribing to any of Your Private Proxy plans.

If you are lucky enough, you may be able to come across some coupons to be used on this proxy service in order for you to make some saving when paying for a plan. The only means of payment for proxy servers for now is PayPal. Once your payment is confirmed by Your Private Proxy, you can start making use of this service. The confirmation for a new user may take an average of three hours before they can start using the service.

What could probably harm Your Private Proxy competitiveness in the proxy service market is the fact that the use of Facebook and torrents are not allowed. There are better proxy services elsewhere in that regard. Your Private Proxy, however, has a customer support online with support system based on the use of tickets. Users are issued a unique ticket number that can used to check the status of their inquiries.

Your Private Proxy is a great proxy service with some nice features to go along with it. There are flexible pricing plans available for users all with speed that should get most of the things you need to do online done in a fast enough fashion. Your Private Proxy need to consider allowing the use of such websites as Facebook for it to gain more popularity.

Stealth Proxy

For Professional Use, But No A Great Choice Of Servers

The type of service that users can get from Stealth Proxy stands it apart from some other proxy servers’ providers. For those individuals in need of proxies that can be used for Xrumer, this is the service you have been looking for. Stealth Proxy is no newcomer in providing proxy servers; it has been in business for more than 10 years with many users over the years.

The types of proxy server that you can get from Stealth Proxy differ in their technical descriptions. There are different lists of proxy servers that you can make your choice from each with its own features; these lists are always updated to ensure that they are working perfectly well. New servers are always available most of the time when you may be in need of them. On a daily basis, more than 1,000 HTTP proxies and 600 anonymous HTTP proxies are available to users; this was according to Stealth Proxy. There are also 1,900 HTTP transparent proxies and more than 1,000 SOCKS 4 +4/5+5 proxies to which customers have access, and the database of proxy servers is said to be updated an average of 3 times a day. Stealth Proxy’s servers lists are developed from a list of more than 2 million unique IPs updated daily.

The proxy servers’ lists on offer from Stealth Proxy can be used to access many online resources. What makes the service particularly interesting is that many software that you will usually not be allowed to use by some other proxy servers providers can all be used here. Scrapebox, Xrumer, Sharepro, Tweetattack and Twitterbot can all be used on this proxy service. However, illegal activities such as spamming are not allowed when using Stealth Proxy.

The prices payable for proxy servers lists from Stealth Proxy are determined by their types. The number of proxy lists to be bought and how long you intend using the service are also determinants of how much you will pay for this service. To paint you the picture of the pricing plans on offer, a list of 1,500 SOCKS 4+4/5+5 proxies would cost you about $90 for a month. HTTP anonymous proxies are charged at $33 for a month use. There are also discounts to be enjoyed when you buy proxy servers list for a long-time use, but there is no coupon on Stealth Proxy’s website to enjoy discounts. Payments can be made using PayPal, checks, wire transfer and purchase orders. Direct debit and some other less-popular payment options are also available as means of payment for subscriptions.

The impressive list of software that Stealth Proxy allows its users to make use of stands it out from the lot; coupled with that fact is that its proxy servers lists are regularly updated. Interestingly, this company also has a channel on YouTube where users can watch video tutorials on how to use its service. Stealth Proxy is an established company with good reputation in the business, and it also makes some free tools available for the use of its customers on its website. The company also provides live support for its customers online.

Squid Proxies

Sells Different Kind Of Proxies.

Squid Proxies is a proxy service that allows its services to be made use of by its users for almost anything they want to do or any websites that they would love to access on the Internet. The interesting is that this service allows the use of Scrapebox and has multiple proxy servers’ locations.

Squid Proxies’ service locations include several cities with about seven in the United States and one in Romania. The location in the United States include Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington; New York City, New York; Scranton, Philadelphia; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia. The Squid Proxies service location in Romania is Bucharest. Orders made for proxies from this service are linked to the provided IPs, and there is a 10-IP per order limit. Customers can also make changes to authorized IPs by themselves via a VIP Customer area without any need to wait for Squid Proxies to do that for them. Squid Proxies are in multiple subnets with nonsequential IPs and unlimited bandwidth.

There are, however, some certain terms under which this proxy service can be made use of. The Acceptable Use Policy of Squid Proxies stipulates what and what not for which its service can be used; as is to be expected, the use of this proxy service for spamming purposes is highly prohibited. What was meant by “spamming activities” was not clearly highlighted, though. Xrumer – the forum spamming tool – is not allowed to be used on this service. The use of Squid Proxies for Craigslist postings is only allowed for users with phone verified accounts (PVAs).

For users with little need for proxy servers, the fee that has to be paid per proxy server for a month works out to about $2.40. But for power users that order as much as 2000 proxy servers, that price could drop to just about $.75 per proxy server for a month use. With a little bit of effort to search around, you may be able to come across some coupons from Squid Proxies so that you can get to enjoy some discounts when purchasing proxy servers. Payments can be made through the use of credit cards and PayPal accounts, and more means of making payments are promised to be added soon. Squid Proxies also has a 3-day free trial period for you to decide if you really would like to continue using their service.

Squid Proxies offers you a proxy service that is less costly to use compared to some top players in the market. Barring the use of this service for Craigslist spamming or Xrumer, you should expect fast connection speed for almost every other thing you may want to do online. Squid Proxies also has a responsive customer support in place to address whatever burning issues that you might be experiencing; this is unlike what is obtainable from some other services where you hardly get any response to your requests for assistance. But if you want to use Scrapebox, it pays for you to be able to sort yourself out without any recourse to the customer support.

This service offers a fantastic deal in terms of speed and gives more value for money. Using Squid Proxies, and some other paid proxy services, you also get to enjoy more secure web browsing; something you should not expect with free proxies. The company’s reputation of good service is on the increase, and it would make sense if you give it a try.


Proxys Of All Sorts, Including Private Ones
Interesting For People Who Need Proxys For Professional Use, Not So Much For Regular Users

ProxyBonanza provides users with SOCKS and HTTP protocols proxy lists for subscription. With this service you have a choice as to the type of proxy IP you will like to use since they offer both shared proxy IPs and dedicated private proxy IPs. The prices, which the services from ProxyBonanza attracts are not, are also affordable due to the flexible plans available.

With ProxyBonanza, there should be no delay when you want to access the internet since accounts are instantly set up. The proxy lists that you can get from ProxyBonanza can be used to access many websites that you might have been restricted from due to workplace policy or a hostile national government. Popular sites like YouTube, Facebook and Craigslist are some of those websites for which proxies from this service may be used, but the company does not provide a guarantee that its proxies will work with this sites due to past abuse. A Firefox add-on for proxy list management has been introduced by ProxyBonanza to make the altering of proxies, import and export of proxy lists easier for its users.

There are also some things in the company’s term of service that you must note before signing up for an account with it. ProxyBonanza stated that its service should not be used for any illegal purposes or to send spam mail. Blog and forum spamming software like Xrumer and Scrapebox are not allowed for users on this service. The company promised to terminate all accounts found to have flouted its terms of service without any refund given to such users.

The price to be paid for using ProxyBonanza proxies will depend on whether you are making use of the shared proxies or dedicated private proxies and prices starts from $9.99 a month up to $36.99 a month. There is also an international proxies package. These different pricing packages from ProxyBonanza are based on the type of IPs in each package as well as the bandwidth limit and all of them include SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy services. Special offerings based on users’ needs are also available from the company, if requested for, should such users not find the available packages suitable enough for their needs. Payments for different packages are accepted only from verified PayPal accounts and there is no free trial for testing the service before subscribing.

The cap put on bandwidth allowance by ProxyBonanza makes its service less competitive as you can find many of the competition offering unlimited bandwidth proxy services. The flexible pricing plans on offer coupled with the international proxy services make the company worth conducting business with. And should you have any issue using the service, ProxyBonanza has customer supported which can be reached through email. Billing, sales, general inquiries and technical assistance requests are all handled by different departments.

Overall, ProxyBonanza is a good proxy lists provider with many great features that you are sure to like, especially having a plan that allows its users make use of international proxies. For the company to become more competitive, however, there is need for it to consider raising its bandwidth limit if you think about the fact that some of its rivals actually offer their subscribers unlimited bandwidth. One other thing that may turn off most users is lack of ability to make us of Scrapebox on the ProxyBonanza service.

IPFreely Proxies

Several Kinds Of Proxy Servers
Mostly For Professional Users

IPFreely Proxies is a service that provides its users with elite proxies that are not shared in the United States, which can be used to carry out only legal activities on the internet. A number of servers are allowed to be used on this service that offers HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, but not SOCKS.

As pointed out earlier, the proxies on offer from IPFreely Proxies are all based in the United States. The proxies on offer from this service are not shared proxies because according to IPFreely Proxies, “shared proxies are like using the rubbish bin leftover food scraps.” Indeed proxies that are not shared are best options because they ensure your online safety so that you do not have to start nursing fears about your online security. What most people fail to realize is that the free, shared proxies that they find online are very unsafe when it comes to conducting important activities online; there are some dubious characters who sometimes put these free proxies out there only with the aim of taking advantage of the users of these proxies.

IPFreely Proxies does not support SOCKS proxies. The service only supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, so it will make great sense to take note of that fact, especially because of the types of applications you may be planning to use on these proxies. The reason for this being that there are some applications out there made to be used only on SOCKS proxy servers. IPFreely Proxies does not support the use of Port 25 on any of its servers. The service also states that it does not sell proxies to be used for emailing purpose and that its proxies cannot be used for posting on Craigslist as well as on other services that may be interested in geolocation for the use of its services. The proxies on offer from IPFreely Proxies can, however, be used to access such sites as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Scrapebox. The use of Xrumer is not allowed on this service’s proxy servers and any customer found to have used it will have their account suspended without refund.

Proxies provided are quality ones that ensure fast speed when used for accessing websites. There are non-sequential IP addresses and Fresh IP is assigned to a user’s account on monthly basis if such a user expresses any interest in it. According to IPFreely Proxies, many web browsers in the market can be used with the proxies, and there are no ads as well as delays, which are the usual phenomenon to be expected when using free proxies alternative. Subscription to multiple IP subnets is allowed if you so desire.

Numbers of proxies bought and web mailing limits are the factors that determine the price to be paid when subscribing to IPFreely Proxies services. To use the service, the minimum number of servers that a new user must pay for is 10, which is charged at $23 a month. The maximum number of proxy servers that can be bought from IPFreely Proxies is 400, which goes for $625 a month. These prices are in Australian dollars. Payments for IPFreely Proxies services can be made using PayPal. There are no discounts or free trial on offer from this service.

IPFreely Proxies offers its users some great features that include allowing the use of webmail such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. Perhaps, as a check on spamming activities, there is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent in a day. The email sending limit may, however, be relaxed if you talk to the service. IPFreely has a ticket support in place to address issues that might come up. The service compares well with its rivals in the market. It must be noted that IPFreely Proxies has a very strict refund policy, so make sure you have fully understood the contents of its service description before subscribing.

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