Proxys Of All Sorts, Including Private Ones
Interesting For People Who Need Proxys For Professional Use, Not So Much For Regular Users

ProxyBonanza provides users with SOCKS and HTTP protocols proxy lists for subscription. With this service you have a choice as to the type of proxy IP you will like to use since they offer both shared proxy IPs and dedicated private proxy IPs. The prices, which the services from ProxyBonanza attracts are not, are also affordable due to the flexible plans available.

With ProxyBonanza, there should be no delay when you want to access the internet since accounts are instantly set up. The proxy lists that you can get from ProxyBonanza can be used to access many websites that you might have been restricted from due to workplace policy or a hostile national government. Popular sites like YouTube, Facebook and Craigslist are some of those websites for which proxies from this service may be used, but the company does not provide a guarantee that its proxies will work with this sites due to past abuse. A Firefox add-on for proxy list management has been introduced by ProxyBonanza to make the altering of proxies, import and export of proxy lists easier for its users.

There are also some things in the company’s term of service that you must note before signing up for an account with it. ProxyBonanza stated that its service should not be used for any illegal purposes or to send spam mail. Blog and forum spamming software like Xrumer and Scrapebox are not allowed for users on this service. The company promised to terminate all accounts found to have flouted its terms of service without any refund given to such users.

The price to be paid for using ProxyBonanza proxies will depend on whether you are making use of the shared proxies or dedicated private proxies and prices starts from $9.99 a month up to $36.99 a month. There is also an international proxies package. These different pricing packages from ProxyBonanza are based on the type of IPs in each package as well as the bandwidth limit and all of them include SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy services. Special offerings based on users’ needs are also available from the company, if requested for, should such users not find the available packages suitable enough for their needs. Payments for different packages are accepted only from verified PayPal accounts and there is no free trial for testing the service before subscribing.

The cap put on bandwidth allowance by ProxyBonanza makes its service less competitive as you can find many of the competition offering unlimited bandwidth proxy services. The flexible pricing plans on offer coupled with the international proxy services make the company worth conducting business with. And should you have any issue using the service, ProxyBonanza has customer supported which can be reached through email. Billing, sales, general inquiries and technical assistance requests are all handled by different departments.

Overall, ProxyBonanza is a good proxy lists provider with many great features that you are sure to like, especially having a plan that allows its users make use of international proxies. For the company to become more competitive, however, there is need for it to consider raising its bandwidth limit if you think about the fact that some of its rivals actually offer their subscribers unlimited bandwidth. One other thing that may turn off most users is lack of ability to make us of Scrapebox on the ProxyBonanza service.

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