Secure Tunnel

Secure Tunnel is another option for the protection of your identity whenever you are surfing the web. With this VPN service, there is no need to worry about your safety while browsing on the Internet. The service has a number of servers in the United States that are all made available to its users, and there is also protection for Wi-Fi hotspots.

What you get with Secure Tunnel in terms of speed is good enough for most things you do online. But, the speed of users’ connections may become somewhat slower when using the service. The time taken to download or share files online should not be much different from what is obtained on your average server, only that slightly more time may be needed to handle such tasks. Secure Tunnel provides you with a service that is both easy to configure and use while also giving you the best protection, mobile security and system safety. You get to enjoy data encryption for all your traffic on the Internet. Mac users are also provided with a version of this great service.

Secure Tunnel has three basic plans on offer from which users can make their choice of the most suitable. As expected, these plans come with different benefits in terms of speed and security.

1. Webtunnel SSH Plan – This allows for data encryption for all traffic just for $9.95 a month or $99.95, if you prefer the yearly option.
2. VPN Premium Plan – Extra security configuration is on offer with this plan that is available for $15.95 a month or $159.95 a year. Those users on Webtunnel SSH plan can also upgrade to this one.
3. The best of the pricing packages from Secure Tunnel is the Ultimate Suite, which goes for $17.95 a month or $179.95 a year. With this plan, you are assured of the best security on offer from the service.

Secure Tunnel also offers a 7-day trial period to allow users have hands-on feel of the service before committing to a plan. Essentially, you get to assess the service for a whole 7 days (a week) all for free. But to start enjoying the free trial, you may be required to provide your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal payment information to proceed. After supplying the required information, the next thing would be to install the needed software for access in order to test the available Secure Tunnel features before you decide on which of the available pricing plans to settle for.

And just in case you happen to run into any problem using its service, Secure Tunnel has a customer support on ground. Support is provided to users via e-mail or phone; users can also look out for the live chat option of reaching the customer support service.

So, when you are out looking for a means to hide your tracks online, you may want to give Secure Tunnel a trial. And not to forget, there is that Wi-Fi hotspots protection feature as well as the fact that data are encrypted to ensure that all unnecessary interference are properly dealt with; these make the service a nice one.