Squid Proxies

Sells Different Kind Of Proxies.

Squid Proxies is a proxy service that allows its services to be made use of by its users for almost anything they want to do or any websites that they would love to access on the Internet. The interesting is that this service allows the use of Scrapebox and has multiple proxy servers’ locations.

Squid Proxies’ service locations include several cities with about seven in the United States and one in Romania. The location in the United States include Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington; New York City, New York; Scranton, Philadelphia; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia. The Squid Proxies service location in Romania is Bucharest. Orders made for proxies from this service are linked to the provided IPs, and there is a 10-IP per order limit. Customers can also make changes to authorized IPs by themselves via a VIP Customer area without any need to wait for Squid Proxies to do that for them. Squid Proxies are in multiple subnets with nonsequential IPs and unlimited bandwidth.

There are, however, some certain terms under which this proxy service can be made use of. The Acceptable Use Policy of Squid Proxies stipulates what and what not for which its service can be used; as is to be expected, the use of this proxy service for spamming purposes is highly prohibited. What was meant by “spamming activities” was not clearly highlighted, though. Xrumer – the forum spamming tool – is not allowed to be used on this service. The use of Squid Proxies for Craigslist postings is only allowed for users with phone verified accounts (PVAs).

For users with little need for proxy servers, the fee that has to be paid per proxy server for a month works out to about $2.40. But for power users that order as much as 2000 proxy servers, that price could drop to just about $.75 per proxy server for a month use. With a little bit of effort to search around, you may be able to come across some coupons from Squid Proxies so that you can get to enjoy some discounts when purchasing proxy servers. Payments can be made through the use of credit cards and PayPal accounts, and more means of making payments are promised to be added soon. Squid Proxies also has a 3-day free trial period for you to decide if you really would like to continue using their service.

Squid Proxies offers you a proxy service that is less costly to use compared to some top players in the market. Barring the use of this service for Craigslist spamming or Xrumer, you should expect fast connection speed for almost every other thing you may want to do online. Squid Proxies also has a responsive customer support in place to address whatever burning issues that you might be experiencing; this is unlike what is obtainable from some other services where you hardly get any response to your requests for assistance. But if you want to use Scrapebox, it pays for you to be able to sort yourself out without any recourse to the customer support.

This service offers a fantastic deal in terms of speed and gives more value for money. Using Squid Proxies, and some other paid proxy services, you also get to enjoy more secure web browsing; something you should not expect with free proxies. The company’s reputation of good service is on the increase, and it would make sense if you give it a try.

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