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For Professional Use, But No A Great Choice Of Servers

The type of service that users can get from Stealth Proxy stands it apart from some other proxy servers’ providers. For those individuals in need of proxies that can be used for Xrumer, this is the service you have been looking for. Stealth Proxy is no newcomer in providing proxy servers; it has been in business for more than 10 years with many users over the years.

The types of proxy server that you can get from Stealth Proxy differ in their technical descriptions. There are different lists of proxy servers that you can make your choice from each with its own features; these lists are always updated to ensure that they are working perfectly well. New servers are always available most of the time when you may be in need of them. On a daily basis, more than 1,000 HTTP proxies and 600 anonymous HTTP proxies are available to users; this was according to Stealth Proxy. There are also 1,900 HTTP transparent proxies and more than 1,000 SOCKS 4 +4/5+5 proxies to which customers have access, and the database of proxy servers is said to be updated an average of 3 times a day. Stealth Proxy’s servers lists are developed from a list of more than 2 million unique IPs updated daily.

The proxy servers’ lists on offer from Stealth Proxy can be used to access many online resources. What makes the service particularly interesting is that many software that you will usually not be allowed to use by some other proxy servers providers can all be used here. Scrapebox, Xrumer, Sharepro, Tweetattack and Twitterbot can all be used on this proxy service. However, illegal activities such as spamming are not allowed when using Stealth Proxy.

The prices payable for proxy servers lists from Stealth Proxy are determined by their types. The number of proxy lists to be bought and how long you intend using the service are also determinants of how much you will pay for this service. To paint you the picture of the pricing plans on offer, a list of 1,500 SOCKS 4+4/5+5 proxies would cost you about $90 for a month. HTTP anonymous proxies are charged at $33 for a month use. There are also discounts to be enjoyed when you buy proxy servers list for a long-time use, but there is no coupon on Stealth Proxy’s website to enjoy discounts. Payments can be made using PayPal, checks, wire transfer and purchase orders. Direct debit and some other less-popular payment options are also available as means of payment for subscriptions.

The impressive list of software that Stealth Proxy allows its users to make use of stands it out from the lot; coupled with that fact is that its proxy servers lists are regularly updated. Interestingly, this company also has a channel on YouTube where users can watch video tutorials on how to use its service. Stealth Proxy is an established company with good reputation in the business, and it also makes some free tools available for the use of its customers on its website. The company also provides live support for its customers online.

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