Witopia is a VPN service provider that has been providing personal VPN service since 2005. It has a relatively manageable selection of servers spread across a number of countries from which users can make their choice. Witopia also has plans such as OpenVPN plan as well as PPTP VPN plan.

When compared with some other VPN service providers in terms of server locations, Witopia’s server locations are not really that many as they are limited to just about 17 countries. Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dulles, Newark, Seattle and San Francisco are the places where Witopia’s servers are situated in the United States. Hong Kong, London, China and Manchester are also places where servers are located outside the United States. In addition, there are servers in Czech Republic, Canada, Germany and Belgium to name a few more. The protocols supported by Witopia are SSL VPN (OpenVPN) and PPTP VPN with each attracting different prices when users subscribe to them.

In terms of speed, Witopia VPN service is as good as some top players in the market. Upload speed and download speed are as good as you can get elsewhere. Connection speed is rather slower in the United States because of the need to encrypt data before sending. On some servers overseas such as those in Hong Kong and London, upload speed and download speed are also slow on the service.

With Witopia, setting up the VPN service is absolute comfort as every little aspect of the set up is done online. This solves problems that could arise from having to do the set up and configuration all by yourself; something that can prove quite tasking for someone who is not all that tech-savvy. The set up process does not require users to download and install any software before continuing, and configuration is handled automatically.

There are different pricing plans to pick from when using Witopia. But, one thing that may be seen as not too fantastic is the fact that these plans are on yearly basis. Coupled with that, there is no free trial period, but there is a 30-day money back unconditional guarantee. Here are the available pricing plans:

  • SSL (one year): $59.99
  • PPTP VPN (one year): $39.99
  • SSL/PPTP service (one year): $69.99
  • CloakBox Router service (one year): $199

The installation procedure of Witopia gives it an edge over competition because of ease of use. The data encryption feature also makes it a top notch service as all traffic originating from all sources are guarded from unauthorized interference. Another really interesting thing about Witopia compared to some other players in the market is the instantaneous, real time switching between servers locations that already come loaded on the online installer. With this, you can always switch over to another server location when experiencing issues with one.

The downsides to the service are probably the limited server locations and lack of monthly service pricing plans. Also, the OpenVPN is not good for some online transactions such as banking and shopping because of absence of dedicated IP.