Anonymizer com

This provider is not exactly a newcomer in the game when it comes to VPN service. Anonymizer has been around for a while and has accumulated an impressive number of clients who perceive the service as an efficient one that delivers on its promises. With about 15 years in secured online web surfing, Anonymizer usually projects its service as online security instead of restricting itself to just being a VPN service provider so as to be able to attract more users to itself.

The VPN access offered by comes with dynamic IP addresses. The secure network promised by this service and the proprietary IP rotating technology combined with its powerful VPN technology ensure that all your online activities are not left open for computer hackers and cyber criminals to tamper with. Anonymizer removes all tracking codes so that it will be difficult for anyone to know all the websites you have visited and every little thing you did on each website. The service promises an acceptable level of speed for whatever activity you may be planning to carry out online.

Anonymizer has all its servers located in the United States. The service has a collection of US-based IP addresses that are changed or altered each and every time you set up a new connection; each new IP address is picked at random from the pool of IP addresses available. The protocols supported by Anonymizer are L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) and IPSec. The IPSec protocol is meant for additional protection for all your traffic on the Internet. The protection offered by this protocol comes in form of authenticity and privacy. The authenticity aspect of the security has to do with ensuring there is no tampering with your connection while the privacy aspect ensures that no one is able to put a tab on your online information and activities. Generally, especially when it comes to VPN services, IPSec is considered a better means of security than SSL.

Anonymizer supports Microsoft Windows (7, Vista, and XP) and Apple Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard). Smart devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are also supported. The service has different clients for the operating systems supported and an iPhone app is being worked on. To set up Anonymizer, all you need do is just to download and install the appropriate client and you are on your way to using this VPN service.

Two main pricing plans are on offer from Anonymizer. There is an anonymous email service plan that goes for about $20 a year for someone in need of disposable email address. The second plan on offer is the Anonymizer Universal VPN service that goes for $79 per year (working to approximately $7 per month); it offers users unlimited L2TP/IPSec access that comes with daily rotating US-based IP addresses.

Anonymizer has been in this business for years and it definitely has goodwill to show for quality of service offered so far. It also has a customer support service in place just in case you have any issues using the service.