HideIPVPN Review

In that segment of the market offering low-cost, but good VPN service, there you will find HideIPVPN. With servers spread across come countries around the world, this service boasts of good enough performance that you can even use it for online video streaming. It also supports several protocols.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands are some countries where the service’s VPN servers are located. HideIPVPN also claims that it is working on adding more VPN servers in other countries around the world to the ones that it already has. Among the protocols supported by this VPN service are Proxy, PPTP VPN, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. HideIPVPN did well in speed tests carried out on its service with speed levels that compare favorably well with the levels that users can get from some other quality providers in the market. But, because this is a VPN service, a slight drop is expected in speed due to data encryption. This VPN service is otherwise fast for your online activities, and there are also no restrictions from HideIPVPN on bits torrents downloading.

When just starting out with HideIPVPN, you will need to set up the service manually. New users do not really need to download any installer package from HideIPVPN’s website to get going with your anonymous web surfing. After signing up for an account with the service, you simply need to find your way to the Control Panel, if you are a Windows operating system user. Just create a new network connection via the “Connect to Workplace” option with the details you are to receive from HideIPVPN in a welcome email message. Set up instruction is also provided for users of Mac OS X and Linux operating systems; so also for users in countries such as China, where the service’s website may be inaccessible.

The pricing plans of HideIPVPN are structured in such a way that you get charged based on the type of service you choose on monthly basis. The plans, whose prices also depend on servers’ locations, are as follow:

U.S. VPN (one month): $5.99
UK VPN (one month): $5.99
Canada VPN (one month): $5.99
Germany VPN (one month): $7.90
Premium Service (U.S., UK, NL VPN): $9.99 a month.

The Germany VPN is a little costlier than those of the other countries, perhaps, because it is the only server location out of the lot that allows P2P traffic on its service. HideIPVPN has a one-hour free trial to test the service offered. It also activates new accounts immediately the required payment is made, and the payments can be made using PayPal or Google Checkout.

HideIPVPN does not keep traffic log of users while allowing them to access blocked sites anonymously. It also boasts unlimited bandwidth, and configuration errors can easily be remedied by checking networking and firewall settings as well as the VPN plan information. HideIPVPN offers a watertight data encryption feature to its users so you do not have to worry about your security online.

The only issue with the HideIPVPN service is the manual set up of the program that may be prone to errors. But, with a customer support in place, installation and connection issues should effectively be dealt with.