Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is made to provide you security for all your online activities when using hotspots; it protects your web session, data sent, online shopping and all personal information with HTTPS encryption. This freeware will make it absolutely hard for anyone to phish your passwords or read your mail You do not need to worry about any prying eyes such as hackers scanning your traffic. This security application makes use of the latest VPN technology and can be installed easily. Since you will not have to pay to use this program because it is supported by advertisers (an adware), the quality of service may not be exactly top notch.

Popular computer operating systems such as Windows and Mac are supported by this program. Windows versions 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 as well as Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard versions of Mac OS X can run this freeware effectively. It can also be used on mobile devices, mostly high end smartphones. In terms of speed that can be enjoyed using this program, not very much should be expected in that regard since you are not going to pay a dime from your pocket to use it. Hotspot Shield is best for people who only intend using an anonymous web browsing utility just for a little while to do something online in a secure manner. But for someone who plans to use such service on a longer term, it will be better to opt for one of the paid VPN service providers available in the market.

Of course, to use this program, you need to download and install it on your computer. The installation is very easy and once you are through with it, a shortcut icon for the program is placed on the desktop of your computer. Once you are ready to use this free program for online surfing, just click on the icon on your desktop and the program will open in your preferred web browser taking you to the start page with your IP address, connection status among other information displayed. The program sets up a virtual private connection (VPN) between its internet gateway and your computer or mobile device. The only price you get to pay for the use of this program will be having to deal with advertisements that will suddenly pop up once in a while; essentially, you will be paying in another way, though not from your pocket.

Side-by-side with the top paid VPN providers in the market, Hotspot Shield is dwarfed in terms of connection quality. Some errors have actually been reportedly detected on the program among which is the report that the program installs additional adware on your computer so that every time you browse using the application, you could become vulnerable to infection by more adware.

Hotspot Shield is best for short-term use when you need secure, anonymous browsing. It can be used for secure web surfing in such places as hotels, Wi-Fi hotspots, airports and so on without fear of any prying eyes on your activities. The only issues that you may likely experience are the ads that you will have to endure using the program. But when planning to use VPN service for a longer time, it is advisable to sign up for an account with one of the top players in the market.